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Dr. Bence Balázs

Founder, veterinarian - Budapest

Because of our family business dealing with animal breeding, I already knew as a child that veterinary medicine would be what I wanted to do as an adult. I obtained my diploma at the Budapest University of Veterinary Medicine.

During my studies, I took part in many projects, some of which have grown into my active, functioning business. I also built the veterinary company based on my experience gained during projects and businesses and on my economic knowledge acquired at Corvinus University in Budapest. 

I am convinced that nowadays only those businesses that create real value can survive. By combining my veterinary and economic knowledge and my entrepreneurial experience, through, I would like to introduce a future in the field of veterinary medicine where we make it possible for the owner not to request time off to visit the veterinarian for simpler interventions, because we go to the house. And little pets don't have to spend hours in a crowded waiting room, where you can meet stressed animals like you.

Bálint Wendler

Co-founder, operational manager - Budapest

I knew since I was a child that, like my father, I wanted to start a business, which I would be happy to do even for the rest of my life. Fortunately, I feel that this has now been achieved. We have created a service that provides great help not only to animals, but also to their owners, saving time and stress.

I completed my studies at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, majoring in International Business. I would definitely like to make further use of the knowledge I have acquired here so that I can expand and carry out the future plans of the company as effectively as possible with my colleagues.

I see many opportunities in, not only in Hungary, but also on an international level, since with this service we can build a system that makes it easier for both owners and veterinarians. In order to ensure this, we try to completely relieve our doctors of their non-medical duties, so that they can focus 100% on their profession, which is none other than the treatment of animals.


Dr. Bence Vladár

Co-founder, veterinarian - Budapest

I've always found biology interesting, and after my sister went into veterinary medicine, I really liked the diversity of this profession. A person with such a degree can get a job anywhere, from a pig farm veterinarian, to a pet clinic, to state administration and the pharmaceutical industry.


During my studies, I gained international experience in Italy, at the veterinary clinic of the University of Parma. Then, in the last two years of university, I won a scholarship from a pharmaceutical company. This turned into a job after graduation, and I also work in two clinics, as I didn't want to leave the clinic.

I have always loved innovation, not only for the idea, because the implementation itself is even more exciting. For a long time, we have known the "bag" veterinarians who traveled the countryside treating animals in romantic conditions.


I feel that can be innovative in this world and offer a modern alternative, both to pet owners and visiting veterinarians. I hope as many pet owners as possible will experience this new generation of veterinary medicine that we offer!

Dr. Sarolta Kővári

Veterinarian - Budapest

I received my diploma at the University of Veterinary Medicine in February 2022. During my university years, and even before that, I gained experience in one of the largest surgical centers in Budapest, and before that I worked as a student at the Capital Zoo and Botanical Garden for nearly 5 years.

I currently work as a full-time employed veterinarian in one of the leading veterinary clinics in Southern Pest. My main areas of interest are surgery (soft-organ and plastic surgery) and dermatology.

In my spare time, I really like to travel and travel the world, on weekends we like to go on trips with my family and my dog, Blue. I am a fan of extreme sports, so snowboarding, motocross riding, rock climbing are also very close to my heart.

Kővári Sarolta - 3215-Edit 20210622 300dpi_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. András Kiss

Veterinarian - Győr

In February 2021, I graduated in veterinary medicine at the University of Veterinary Medicine in Budapest. After obtaining my diploma, I worked for a year at the University, in its Teaching Farm, but from March 2022 I had the opportunity to work as a plant veterinarian for an agricultural company located in Győr-Moson-Sopron County, where I spent a lot of time during my university studies as part of compulsory and voluntary internships.


The main profile of my activity is still the care of the company's cattle and pig herds, but I have not lost my interest in the medicine of companion animals, which is one of the reasons why I accepted with great joy the idea of's expansion, which naturally gave me the opportunity to participate in the care of patients in Győr. I have always considered myself a rural person, and in terms of my way of life I continue to live according to these values, and I try to validate my role in society in this way.


An innovative attitude characteristic of the young generation has caught on in, and I would like to be a representative of this myself and also an active participant. I believe that a significant part of animal owners also have a need for the quality veterinary work that We wish to represent. I am confident that we will be able to establish a meaningful and long-term relationship based on mutual trust with our future customers living and keeping animals in the Győr catchment area, so that the mentality of can arrive and expand in this region as well. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Dr. Ágoston Hunor

Veterinarian - Győr

For me, my unquenchable enthusiasm for animals and my desire to help made it clear since childhood that I should choose veterinary medicine. However, during the five and a half years I spent at the University of Veterinary Medicine, I realized that this profession means much more than that, as the constantly expanding, unexploitable knowledge base of the many different specialties, the strange new cases that occur from time to time, and the often only creative outside of the template problems that can be solved with a way of thinking manifest themselves as countless challenges for the veterinarian every day.


Standing up to these constant challenges has been the beauty of veterinary medicine for me ever since, during which I can feel that I have become a little better than I was yesterday. Following this approach, I am writing my scientific doctorate (PhD) on the basis of my research on the topic of wildlife health, I take care of the large numbers of livestock in the Fertő-Hanság National Park and, accordingly, I do my best in the case of the little ones as well. 


It gives me great pleasure to participate in the development of in Győr, since the medicine of companion animals has always been a central part of my long-term professional plans, alongside farm and wild animals, and it is also good to see that all of us in this team envision the future of our profession along the same axes and similar we have expectations regarding the services we provide.

I believe that a high degree of care is essential not only during examinations and treatments, but also during communication with the owners, as their contribution is essential for the optimal recovery of their pet. 

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