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Sleeping Dogs
dog running with toy


Mandatory and recommended vaccines against the most common diseases for dogs, cats and rabbits.

General examination

Is your loved one depressed, listless or not feeling well? We carry out the necessary tests and treatments at home.


Preventive treatments against external and internal parasites, with which you protect the health of not only your pet, but also that of your family.

Clinical Dog Examination
Multi-Colored Cat
Fresh Blood Bag
Blood Test
At the Vet
Cute Dog with Bandana

Implantation of a microchip

Implantation of a microchip, issuance of passport and health book, registration of the animal in the national veterinary database.

Regular control

Claw cutting
Odor gland compression
Checking and cleaning the ear canal
Checking teeth and oral hygiene

Blood test

Examination of the taken blood samples with the help of a partner laboratory, then evaluation of the results and consultation on further actions.

Quick tests

Blood and urine tests with immediate results can be performed at home.

Infusion treatments

After prior e-mail or telephone consultation, treatment of chronically ill, dehydrated, kidney-diseased animals.


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